[Best] 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English

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Hello Friends, I am presenting  10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English for kids in this blog. These are the best 10 lines short stories for growing children and help them develop a strong sense of right and wrong in their early life stage.

A moral stories with pictures allows them to think about what they would have done in the same situation, what healthy behavior, and what behavior they should avoid becoming a good person.

So, friends, all these 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral is a good way to learn moral values quickly that help a child to learn and judge, why they should or should not act in certain ways in different situations of life.

Here is the list of best 10 lines short stories, even I have included 10 lines short stories with moral for adults. These moral stories with pictures will give great moral value to kids, as well as to adults, which they can implement in their lives.

We also have the option for 10 lines short stories with moral pdf Version, which you can download to read later offline.

Best 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English

This section includes one of my favourite 10 lines short story in english , which reminds me of moral study subjects during my school days.

Wolf and His Shadow

Once upon a time, there lived a cunning wolf who loved human food. However, he was extremely fearful of the end consequences. He used to wonder what he could do to bring some tasty food. One day, he saw his shadow and plotted a plan. He assumed his shadow to be another wolf and convinced it to get some food for him, on which he would feast.

On the other hand, he enjoyed security and safety in the woods. After a few days, returning from the hunt, the shadow refused to share the meal with the cunning wolf. Finally, the wolf realized his mistakes and understood that he had also deceived himself and his shadow. The wolf then promised never to betray anyone again and to remain honest.

Moral lesson: In this story, it can be learned that dishonesty lands us nowhere. Hence, there are consequences for deceiving others, which is quite deadly. There are always repercussions for every act.

Mongoose & the Farmer’s Wife

The Mongoose and the Farmer’s Wife

One day, a farmer’s wife felt a mongoose was adorable and decided to adopt it. She loved the mongoose as her child. Somedays later, the farmer’s children were playing in the garden, and suddenly, a snake came to bite them. Without any delay, the mongoose came to rescue the children. The mongoose killed the cobra. When the farmer’s wife arrived, she saw the mongoose was stained with blood. She thought that the mongoose harmed and attacked her children. The farmer’s wife then took a stick and killed the mongoose. After she killed it, her children narrated the complete incident to their mother. She completely shattered emotionally after knowing the truth.

Moral lesson: The story teaches the children that we should always consider the consequences before taking any action. Hasty judgment and decisions can result in dangerous outcomes. We should understand a situation thoroughly before passing our judgment. Misconception and fear lead to tragic outcomes.

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Moral Value 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral

Hope you are enjoying 10 lines short stories with moral in English with pictures that are short in length to gain instant moral lessons. All these short stories stories with pictures and morals are valuable, not only for kids and older adults.  We have listed the best short stories for kids pdf form, So Please don’t forget to download Moral Stories in English with pictures pdf, which helps you read it offline.

Roses and the Butterfly

Once upon a time, a beautiful butterfly fell in love with gorgeous roses. Even the roses also started to love the butterfly. The butterfly loved the fragrance of the roses, and the roses loved his attractive wing patterns. They spent some quality time together and promised to love each other constantly. Some days later, the butterfly kissed the roses and went off. After he returned, the roses were furious. They said that the butterfly was not faithful and that he had spent time with other flowers. The roses also claimed that the butterfly returned only because a honey bee chased him. The butterfly said that even the roses had kissed the bumble bee when he was not there. So, the butterfly and the roses accused each other and went off their way.

Moral lesson: The story highlights that we should trust each other to live peacefully. Moreover, everything we see may be partially accurate. Hence, we should always find out the trust before concluding.

The Crocodile and the monkey

The Crocodile and the monkey

Hundreds and hundreds of years back, a crocodile and a clever monkey became friends. Slowly, their friendship started to become solid and deep. Then, one day, the Crocodile expressed his wish to taste the monkey’s heart. He thought that the monkey’s heart would be lovely. On the other hand, the monkey thought of testing the loyalty of the Crocodile. The monkey said he had left his heart on a tree, his home, and convinced the Crocodile to go there. When they reached the tree, the monkey quickly climbed up and left the Crocodile behind. The Crocodile then realized that the monkey had fooled him and that his loyalty was being tested.

Moral lesson: The main lesson of this story is that one should always be loyal to one's friends to really get help in times of need. Moreover, we should not trust everyone easily, as every friend may not be our faithful friend and deceive us at any time.

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral with Pictures

This section also comes with interesting stories with important morals that must be learned.

The Bird with Two Heads


There was a bird, Bherunda, who had two heads. He lived along the Kaveri River. On a fine morning, one of the birds wished to taste a delicious fruit from a tree. Listening to that, the other head also wanted to taste the same as the fruit, which was praised so much. The first head then burst into laughter and said that the other head needed not to taste it because there was only one stomach, and everything would go there.

Furthermore, the first head found the fruit first, so he disagreed to share. While returning from there, the second head found a poisonous fruit and said I now have the right to consume it as I wish to. The first head became fearful and told not to do this fatal act as they have one stomach and they both will die. However, the second head did not listen to the first head and consumed the poisonous fruit to teach the first head a lesson. They both died.

Moral lesson: The lesson learned from this story is that it is better to remain sympathetic toward others because we, too, can see bad times.

The King and the Foolish Monkey

The King and the Foolish Monkey

One day, a king who was very kind and wise decided to adopt a monkey so that it could give him company. Every day, the monkey started to become disrespectful and insolent to the king. The monkey even mocked the king often. However, the king was still very patient with the monkey. One day, the monkey teased him when the king was parading in a royal procession. Then, the king decided to teach a lesson to the monkey. He then ordered the ministers to dress up the monkey so that it could do the parade in royal attire. The monkey then realized how embarrassing it gets if anyone mocks when parading in front of so many people.

Moral lesson: This story teaches that it is important to maintain humility and to see a situation from others' viewpoints.

Moral Lesson 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral

In this section, I have listed one of my favorite stories, which sounds like a comic.

The Horse and the donkey

A long time back, there lived a humble donkey. He was bored of his simple and unexciting life. He started to feel jealous of a horse with great beauty and strength. The donkey thought his life would become exciting if he could switch places with the Horse for some time. Hence, he offered the Horse to do the same. After the change, the donkey saw that the owner of the Horse had mistreated him very severely. The Horse also had loads of work to do. The donkey then regretted his decision to switch places. He then went to the Horse and said that he no longer wanted to remain at the Horse’s place. Finally, the donkey returned to its place happily and started to appreciate his simple and easy life.

Moral lesson: The moral of this fable is that we should be happy with whatever we have. The grass may not be greener on the other side. We are often unaware of the obstacles and challenges that others face.

The Four Brahmins

Four friends were Brahmins. They started on a journey to explore the world around them. While traveling, they found a chest containing nothing but a dead snake. But they did not want to leave the snake behind and decided to make four pieces and take each part with them. The one who got the tail portion thought it was the worst part and exchanged it with another Brahmin. However, this led to extreme chaos. They kept swapping each part of the snake and did not realize every part was vital.

Moral lesson: This story is about understanding and cooperation. The children should learn that cooperation is necessary to reach any goal when working in a team. Understanding makes everything very easy. The fable also teaches that unity is strength, but an individualistic and selfish mindset can hamper our progress in life.

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral for Adults

This is a upcoming section includes 10 lines short stories for adults as well as moral stories with pictures.

For Readers

I hope, friends, you enjoyed reading 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English, please let us know in the comments which story you liked the most. Also, if you have suggestions for stories, let us know. So friends, keep reading and keep learning 🙂

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