[Best] Kindergarten 10 lines Short Stories with Moral

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Hello Friends, I am presenting kindergarten 10 lines short stories with moral in this blog. Kids learn what they see around them, and their brains are like white paper. All these short stories for kindergarten with pictures included are the great way to shape and nurture their character in their initial days of life.

These kindergarten stories are a mixed bag of great lessons, including fairy tales, inspiring tales, moral lessons, etc. I have included all stories for kindergarten with pictures so that every kid finds it interesting and learns in a fun and easy way.

Additionally, these stories make kids respectful, honest, and responsible from a very early age and also enrich children’s emotional intelligence. So, reading stories is a fun way to learn and develop a reading habit that improves cognitive skills at a young age.

We have similar posts, 10 lines of short stories with Morals, which you may like after reading this blog. So Friends, let’s jump into the kindergarten 10 lines short stories with moral and learn something new 🙂

Kindergarten 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral

Here are some of the most popular short stories for kindergarten with pictures that sound interesting and give moral value.

The Monkeys and the Cap Seller

The Monkeys and the Cap Seller

Long ago, a tired cap seller decided to rest under a tree during his journey. He started to take a nap under the tree itself. There were some mischievous monkeys on the tree. They started to mimic the cap seller and snatched his caps. Suddenly, he woke up and saw them.

The cap seller then mimicked the monkeys and threw the cap on his head towards the monkeys. The monkeys thought that the seller had joined them to play their games. Hence, the monkeys returned the seller’s caps to him. 

Moral lesson: The story teaches how a person can be rescued from conflict through cleverness and the presence of the mind. Sometimes, cooperation can be achieved only by understanding others and their intentions. Intelligence is the key to any problem-solving. Thus, children must always learn to use their brains. It is better than even fighting with others during any problem.  

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Once upon a time, there were two mouses. One day, the town mouse invited his cousin, the country mouse, to his home in the city. On his arrival, the town mouse treated him to various delicious meals. However, the country mouse was uncomfortable in the city’s chaotic environment due to cat infestation.

When the country mouse was returning, he invited the town mouse to his house in the village. The town mouse visited him next month. There, the town mouse saw tranquility and safety. However, the town mouse could not adjust to the village’s rustic lifestyle and decided to return home as soon as possible. The next morning, he went back to his place.  

Moral lesson: The fable teaches that happiness depends on our mindset. One person’s happiness can be another person’s unhappiness and discomfort. Thus, the children are taught to find happiness in the circumstances they are in at present and enjoy it to the fullest.  

Short Stories for Kindergarten with Pictures

All these Kindergarten 10 lines short stories with moral are easy to understand for kids and adults of any generation.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Elves and the Shoemaker 

A thousand years back, a poor shoemaker left leather outside his house one night. He wanted to make shoes the next morning. When he woke up, he saw that the shoes were already made, which astonished him. He was extremely grateful for this kind act and left leather outside every night.

The elves came to his place and made shoes for the shoemaker every night. The shoes were very beautiful. When the shoemaker and his wife came to know about the elves, they made tiny garments for them and left them outside. It was just a simple act of gratitude from their side.

The elves were very touched by their gestures and vanished one day after taking the clothes kept for them. Since then, the shoemaker’s business started to flourish day and night. The elves never came back after that day.  

Moral lesson:  The lesson is that when you do good to others you also get rewarded. Good deeds are never wasted.  

Midas and the Golden Touch

Midas and the Golden Touch 

One day, God Dionysus granted a wish to the King Midas. He got the boon that whatever the king touches will turn gold. During the initial days, the king was extremely happy. However, as the days passed, he felt it was more of a curse than a boon.

He was extremely disappointed and disheartened when he saw that his favorite and closed foods turned into lifeless gold whenever he touched them. He then decided not to have this boon anymore. He again summoned God to revoke back the boon. God Dionysus told him to bathe in the Pactolus River to return to normal life.  

Moral lesson: The story teaches how a person’s greed can be lethal for him. It can snatch his happiness forever. Such uncontrolled desires can even separate a person from his loved ones. 

Short Story Reading for Kindergarten

Here is the Easy Short Story Reading for Kindergarten, and also printable short story for kindergarten, which can also be narrated to kids during bedtime.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Once, a sweet little girl walked through a jungle to meet her grandmother during her vacation. Her name was Little Red Riding Hood. Before coming to the jungle, her parents warned her that she would meet a wolf in her way who was very cunning. Hence, she should not trust the wolf at all. But she was extremely curious and so, she met the wolf in her way.

The cunning wolf learned about her vacation plans, ran to her grandmother’s home, and ate her. Upon arrival, the wolf tricked the girl in disguise as her grandmother and welcomed her home.  

Moral lesson: In this story, we can learn that we should not disobey our elders and do anything because of curiosity. The children are also taught that strangers can be threatening as we do not know their real intentions. Thus, we should remain cautious and not trust anyone easily.  

The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea 

A thousand years back, a prince searching for the right partner for himself. One night, a mysterious maiden appeared in a place during a thunderstorm. She claimed that she was a princess. The queen of the palace was suspicious about the maiden.

Thus, she kept a pea under the princess’s mattress, where she slept daily. The next day, the princess complained that she got itching because of the pea. The prince was then convinced about her royal upbringing as she was sensitive to the pea. After a few days, the prince and the princess married happily ever after.  

Moral lesson: The story emphasizes that one’s true nature cannot be hidden for long. A person’s upbringing reflects on his personality, so one cannot veil himself for long. It also teaches that true relationships are based on authenticity and honesty. Thus, it is important to remain truthful and authentic as much as possible daily. 

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I hope, Friends, you enjoyed reading kindergarten 10 lines short stories with moral ; if you have any suggestions or demand for any specific story, or want to read similar post like short stories for kindergarten with pictures, please let me know in the comments section. Until then, keep visiting our blog, reading, and learning.

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