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Hello Friends, I’m presenting 5 lines short stories with moral pdf for kids in this blog. I shortlisted and picked the 5 lines short stories that deliver valuable lessons to readers in less time.

I included moral stories with pictures with each story to make them more engaging and connected. There is also an option for you to download the stories in PDF to even read them later in offline mode.

All the stories mentioned here are originally in long form, but I have summarized them in the shortest form and suitable for all generations because they are very short stories for kids but also helpful for adults to get valuable life lessons. Also, please Don’t forget to download the pdf that includes all these short stories with English in morals.

So, Let’s start with the first part of 5 lines short stories with an additional option to download 5 Lines Short Stories with Moral PDF file in your system.

Best 5 lines Short Stories with Moral Pdf

Here are the some of 5 lines short stories with moral pdf, that delivers best moral values for everyone.

The Milk Maid’s Dream

A thousand years back, a milkmaid who lived in a small village was carrying several bottles of milk on her head. She wanted to sell them in the market. Suddenly, she started to dream while walking down the streets. She imagined that she would buy eggs with the money that she earned from selling milk. Once the eggs hatch, she will get hundreds of chickens from them. She will then sell those chickens at higher rates and buy herself beautiful silk dresses. Her beauty will bring a proposal from the country’s prince for marriage. Suddenly, the milk bottles fell, and the milk got spilled. All her dreams shattered after that, and she came back home disheartened.  

Moral lesson: One should not count their chickens until they are hatched. Excess of optimism is not good. A person should be careful after his plans and wait till the results. Thus, premature celebration is not good for anyone. This is one of the great short moral stories for kids on our list.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Long, long ago, there was an ant and a grasshopper. The ant was very diligent and hardworking. It started to collect food during the summer months. The grasshopper was very careless and loved spending his days singing and dancing. The winter arrived soon. When the winter arrived, the grasshopper did not have anything to eat in-store, while the ant was relaxed and enjoying his collected foods. One day, the grasshopper was so hungry that it went to the ant to borrow food. The ant said he could only share a little as he had limited food collected during summer. 

Moral lesson: The story teaches the value of planning and hard work. One can get security if he works hard and utilizes the same during bad times. It teaches “may hay while the sun shines.” The age-old lesson of sincerity is imparted through this story.

5 lines Short Stories with Moral for Nursery

In this section, we have listed some of the 5 lines short stories with moral pdf, which I used to read during my school days.

The Shepherd Boy

The Shepherd Boy

In a small village, a shepherd boy was tasked with safeguarding a flock of sheep. He was extremely bored of his monotonous work and wanted to have some fun. Frequently, the shepherd boy raised the false alarm that the wolves attacked the sheep. Every time, the panicked villagers rushed to save the flock of sheep. But they got irritated when they learned that it was a false alarm. This happened for the first three times. From the fourth time onwards, the villages started to ignore the call of the shepherd boy. One day, a real wolf pack came to threaten the flock. Then, the shepherd boy called out for help, but no one came to their rescue.  

Moral lesson: One of the most valuable stories among various good moral stories, This story teaches the importance of honesty. It urges everyone to remain honest and gain others’ trust. Honesty is the best policy. Only an honest person gets help in times of need.  

The Dog and the Bone

Dog and the bone

Once upon a time, a dog was walking across a bridge with some bones in its mouth. It was quite happy with the bones that it got for itself. When walking on the bridge, he suddenly saw his reflections on the water below the bridge. It thought that there was another dog with some

more bones. He became greedy and thought that if he could get those bones, too, he would have lots to eat. Due to its excitement, the dog opened its mouth, and the bones fell into the water. The dog then became extremely sad, walked off the bridge with no bones, and lost everything it had. 

Moral lesson: In this fable, it is taught that greed can ruin one’s happiness. One should appreciate what he already has. The lesson also imparted is that one can be happy without jealousy or greed. 

5 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English

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The Farmer and the Snake

The Farmer and the Snake

A thousand years back, a farmer was walking through the woods. There, he found a frozen snake. He felt pity for the snake and decided to make it cozy. He then placed the snake on his chest to make it warm. When the snake felt better and revived, it bit him. The farmer started to feel dizzy due to the high dose of poison from the snake. The farmer was slowly nearing his last moment. He then asked the snake why it had poisoned him when he saved the snake. The snake replied coolly and said it is the snake’s nature to bite others.  

Moral lesson: The story teaches that one must not trust others without knowing their nature. When a wrong person is trusted, he can be cheated without warning. The fable also teaches that an individual’s fundamental nature is not changeable even though we show kindness to them. 

The Elephant and the Tailor

The Elephant and The Tailor

There was an elephant who lived in a temple in a small village. Everyone in the village loved the elephant very much. Each evening, the elephant used to go for bathing in a pond near to

The temple. When he used to go for bathing, he greeted a tailor on his way. The tailor offered the elephant one banana every day. One fine morning, the tailor was in a bad mood and pricked a needle into the elephant instead of offering the banana. The hurt elephant collected dirty water the next day and sprinkled it on the tailor’s newly ironed and stitched clothes. The tailor then apologized to the elephant and promised never to hurt him.  

Moral lesson: The moral of this story is that we get what we give to others. “Tit for tat” is the perfect lesson of this story. An individual should not hurt others when he does not want to be hurt. Thus, it is important to respect one and all.

I remember this was 5th chapter on the moral science subject during my school days when I was the first standard. This story was one of my favorite moral stories with pictures at that time.

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So, dear Friends, I hope you found this blog about “5 lines short stories with moral pdf” worth reading and intresting. If you have any questions or want us to post specific moral stories with pictures on a particular theme, you can comment in the comments section and let us know. Also, friends, you can download all these 5 lines short stories with moral in english in pdf version, So keep visiting our blog, keep reading, and keep learning 🙂

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